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               Why is it called the Betel Stacking Stone or can it be called wallcading, namely because of the way it is installed which resembles a pile of strands of betel leaves. Unlike in general, natural stone installation patterns that reveal the entire surface, betel stacking stones are installed in a sleeping manner so that only the sides that are part of the fracture are visible and precisely because that is the uniqueness of the betel stacking stone itself. There are three types of betel stacking stones, namely black (andesite), red, and white (palm).

               Stacking betel natural stone has several patterns, namely the stacking pattern of betel which is similar to stacked betel leaves. The installation pattern is quite difficult because it requires tenacity, patience and accuracy in the installation. Betel stacking patterns can be applied to areas that are not too broad. In addition, this pattern is often applied to water ponds (Wall Pond). The betel stacking pattern is perfect for a variety of home styles. for walls, and fences. The size of the stone for stacking betel is usually 5 × 30, 5 × 40, 3 × 20, 3 × 15, 3×30, 3×40 with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm. Because it is made by chiseling, the sizes above are only approximate, the advantages and disadvantages of size are not important because after all, at the time of installation, this size factor is not the main problem, and the final result of the installation depends more on the creativity of the craftsman. For more information, please contact the following contact:BUILDING CASTLE PONOROGO ( ISTANA BANGUNAN PONOROGO )