sell the complete and cheapest andesit stone in ponorogo


               IB PONOROGO//Natural stone types of andesite motifs are andesite stones that are made in such a way that they have a motif or shape that is adapted to several previously made images. In the beginning, how to make a motif andesite stone by making a straight line or crossing as the basis. After that, to make the motif, it is done by sculpting it using a special chisel by digging it a little according to its respective shape.

               Natural stone andesite with groove motifs are usually applied to walls, pillars, pillars, and also variations for minimalist pools and ornamental ponds. In addition, many groove motifs andesite stones are also used in the area of ​​the fence outside the house. This type of groove andesite stone is a development of the straight groove andesite model. The napoli groove stone is made from straight grooves that are chiseled in such a way as to produce a groove stone patterned with zigzag lines. The groove andesite stones available in our shop are in sizes from 10X20, 15×30 and 20×40.

               For those of you who are interested in our natural stone products, you can visit our shop which is located at Jl Raya Madiun Ponorogo no 143, south of the red light of Ngepos Mlilir (south of Bulog Ngrupit, Jenangan) or you can contact us below: