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Lempeng acak hitam banjanegara

A random plate is a term for a natural stone that has a flat shape or plate with a mixed size between large and small. The texture and shape are irregular, ranging in diameter from 10 cm to the largest size of 1 m (long diameter). This stone is also known as Random Stone, because it is clear because of its random shape and size is also random like Puzzle.
This stone has a Black Pekat color, this stone is classified as a layered mountain rock. pemsangan random pattern black paste will give its own beauty and give a natural impression, Because at this time some trends refer to nature that can give the impression of rural, exotic, luxurious and produce beauty for the interior and exterior.its use to paste the wall expose classic and as a floor tile stone paving natural stone in the garden also yard, as a foothold, stepping, steps, flooring and can be as a reference image inspiration finishing materials of your development with the idea of architectural design itself to test the ability to decorate in the building space of your project. because the character of hard and solid stone is very suitable in applying on the exterior walls and interior of the house. This stone is quite resistant to hot, rainy weather. Our shop sells a random plate . For the price is also very affordable. For reservations, please come directly to the jl.MT. haryono no.37 madiun (in front of PLN office in Madiun) or can directly contact  WA number 082229435751 or 08113035657. Don’t forget to wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands. Stick to the health protocol set by the government. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY.  Thank you