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Wallcading fosil kayu

Petrified wood fossils are a type of fossil, which is a wood fossil in which all organic matter has been replaced by minerals (usually a type of silicate, such as quartz), with the wooden structure preserved. The fossil process occurs underground, when the wood is buried under a layer of sediment. Water containing a lot of minerals enters the cells of plants and while lignin and cellulose rot, they are replaced by stone. usually this material is used to make crafts and other home interiors. wood fibers that make the appearance of this stone is very unique. however, wood fossil model stones are now rare because of the scarcity of materials. but now present in our store with wallcading models of wood fossils. calm colors make this stone beautiful and comfortable to look at the eyes. with a variety of wallcading models and sizes make this wood fossil wallcading our new product. Our shop sells wallcading wood fossils with various
variation of the model. You don’t have to worry about ordering wood fossil stones from us.
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