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Marmer Bakar//Istana Batu Alam Ngawi

Marmer bakar is a marble handicraft product which is an innovation and development of a variant of marble walls. Compared to other finishing techniques, the feature of this finishing with combustion has a very distinctive effect on the combustion rock, namely there is a beautiful color change, and there are rock burns similar to a natural track break, a finishing method by injuring with a hammer. fitted with neatly arranged diamond steel segments. Another distinctive feature is that these burnt finishing stones have a color change that cannot be obtained from other types of finishing. This color change occurs because the temperature is very hot, so it burns and changes the color pigment of the rock, this change is very natural and brings out new colors. Like a glazing ceramic, when it is burned it will bring up unexpected color variations, as well as this baked marble product.

The application of this burning marble stone is commonly used on the front walls of the house, and the walls in the garden. In addition, it is also often used for indoor ornamentation and installation on terraces and sweetening elements on the fence of the home page. The addition of this burnt marble element will add to the exoticism and give a luxurious impression to your home. as above is an example of wall mounting to form a sinking motif, having a reddish yellow color makes the appearance of your home wall decor more artistic and natural.

For the price we offer is very affordable, because we produce it ourselves with selected materials and quality. Come on, what are you waiting for, change the atmosphere of your home by using natural stone products, of course, it will add a natural and environmentally friendly impression. ISTANA BATU ALAM  is a distributor of the cheapest, most complete, and quality natural stone in the city of NGAWI, we are ready to serve both large and small parties in various regions within the city and outside the city. For further information, please contact the number below:

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