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               With population growth, the need for a house or place to live has also increased quite rapidly. Building houses with brick-based materials has been a culture in our country since the colonial era. Starting from the arrangement of bricks or blocks, plastering the walls, to plaster. The basic material of brick is generally made of clay with or without a mixture of other ingredients. For a neat look, these bricks are usually plastered, covered, and then painted. However, due to the flow of natural styles, it slightly changes the perception of the beauty of a wall. Beautiful walls are no longer just a super flat area, with clean white or brightly lit colors, natural materials that look rough are actually considered to have high aesthetic value, so exposed bricks and stick bricks appear. Building materials, especially the use of bricks, due to their strong structure and affordable price, make brick the main wall material, even though there are other alternatives.

            Having exposed brick walls as part of the architectural design is an advantage because it does not require special maintenance. Cover the surface with a coating so it doesn't get disintegrated and doesn't get dusty. Before being coated, clean the brick surface with a mixture of vinegar and water. Use the spray so that it hits the entire surface, scrub with a towel, brush with a soft brush to clean any remaining dirt. Make sure not to scrub too hard so the brick doesn't crumble. In a humid area like the bathroom, make sure the brick is well coated to avoid mold and mildew. If the grout between the bricks is not good, fix it immediately and refill it. For those of you who are interested can visit our shop or contact the contact below:


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