selling the latest and best quality exposed bricks in ngawi


Exposé brick is the other side of bricklaying which emphasizes the aesthetic element. Exposed bricks are chosen because they are able to create different characters in the space or building as a whole. This brick can not only appear on the wall, but appear in other parts of a room. Exposure brick has more advantages than ordinary red brick. This is because buildings built with exposed red bricks have a faster operation than buildings built with ordinary red bricks. Not only that, buildings built with exposed type bricks will minimize the time and cost of the construction. Therefore, not a few people use exposed bricks for the walls of their homes. Like the example above, it is the installation of exposed bricks on the front porch wall, giving the impression of a classic feel and looks beautiful.

In addition, when the brick which normally has to be covered again with mortar or concrete, to make the surface of the wall smooth, it is different with the use of exposed brick. You don’t need to cover it with cement or concrete, the appearance of this brick is quite beautiful and artistic. Because, the surface of this exposed brick is smooth and also neat, so that the overall appearance of the brick that has been built looks artistic, classic and makes anyone who looks at it will feel comfortable.,

For info on ordering expose bricks, you can come directly to the Ngawi Natural Stone Palace shop which is located at JL.Suryo km3 (west of the LP3I campus) Grudo-Ngawi or you can contact our contact number 081231631692