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Wooden Wallcading // Istana Batu Alam Ngawi

wood has an alluring natural texture and color. You can stack the wood panels leaving their natural hue as is. That way, natural and warm nuances can be created in your home. Apart from aesthetic factors, wood also has several advantages over other building materials. Compared to metal, for example, wood has an advantage in interacting with heat. The more heat it absorbs, the metal will expand and become brittle. On the other hand, wood is actually getting drier, stronger, and relatively more without expansion. Wood also has advantages in terms of acoustics. Wood can suppress sound, minimizing echo and noise in the rooms of your home. Now, besides these advantages, wood is flexible enough to be processed in various ways. There are some basic ideas for using wood to turn a boring wall into a part of the appeal of the room, for example, is to adapt the room decor using this wooden wallcading. Wood wallcading is a type of 3D wallpaper made of selected teak wood with a natural design, and can make your home wall decor come alive and beautiful. These wall panels can be applied for living rooms, bedrooms, hotel lobbies, offices, restaurants and many others. Having a size of 20×40 will make it easier to install.

  • How to install wood wallcading:
  • Method 1: Use glue and attach it directly to the wall (if the wall is not damp)
  • Method 2: Use a list of wood nailed to the wall, then nail the panel to the wood that has been attached to the wall.
  • Method 3: Glue the panels to the triplex that has been adjusted according to the wall size, then plug the triplex into the wall.

Interested in wood wallcading as a finishing material for home decoration ?? You can come directly to the Istana BatuAlam Ngawi shop which is located at JL.Suryo km3 (west of the LP3I campus) Grudo-Ngawi or you can call our contact number 081231631692