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Natural red Marmo stone has a dense, hard and veined texture. The order of this stone is reddish yellow. The surface of this red Marmo stone is uneven and wavy or often referred to as RTA (Natural Average). The uneven surface is what adds to the natural impression of natural stone. This red Marmo stone is perfect for applications in buildings that carry a light color theme, because this stone gives a clean, elegant and bright and classic impression that adorns building elements.In its application, this red Marmo Stone can be applied to interior and exterior walls. This stone can be applied to walls or pillars of the house. Like the example the figure above is installation of a terrace wall using a red marmo natural stone. Having a bright color makes the walls look more coloring without removing any natural elements.

Interested in applying this red marble stone for your home design variations? Our shop provides various types of natural stone with a variety of shapes and colors. You can make your dream home come true with our natural stone. Ordering natural stone can be sent to the location, for the price we offer is of course very affordable, because we produce it ourselves with selected materials and quality. Come on, please come and visit the ISTANA BATU ALAM NGAWI store which is located at Jl.Suryo Km3 (west of the LP3I campus) Grudo-Ngawi

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